Amazonas Mía


Curator : Régine CUZIN
(Invited Countries : Guyane | Brazil | Colombia | Guyana | Surinam | Venezuela)

Dates: December 15th, 2006 - January 27th, 2007 -- Free admission
Hôtel de Ville de Paris - France

Place: The City Hall: Salle des Prévôts and Salon des Tapisseries

Description: An installation exploring the two visions of the Natural world that co-habited in the Amazons: The Native-American and the Post-Colonial. The visitor enters the intimacy of the Amazonian world through the story- telling of Pre-Columbian myths and imagery inspired by Colombian novel "La Vorágine" byJosé Eustasio Rivera.
The videos also use personal and autobiographical texts. They will show the power of water within the Amazonian spirit. The installation, with its' river-like shape, the reflection of the images on the water covering the floor and the content of the videos : myths about the water goddess, "Yara" and the god associated to the pink dauphins, "Mohan", proposes an immersion into the tropical Amazonian universe of Colombia. A discovery of a world ruled by the force of water (the river and the rain). The music created by Peruvian composer and multi-instrumentalist, Rodolfo Muñozenriches the experience inside "Amazonas Mía".

PRESS: Interview RFI with Jordi Batallé "Tierras Amazónicas en París"
Interview RFI with Conchita Penilla "Latitudes amazónicas en París"
Press Release /Colombian Embassy: PDF

The Video Installation received the support of the Hôtel de Ville de Paris, the Colombian Embassy in French Embassy in Colombia, Arte actions culturelles, the Fundación Omacha and Otéma Productions.